Phase 3 arches,horses, Rock Garden
Pub Date: 
Sun, 2015-04-19

Chandigarh authorities plan to illuminate the Rock Garden using LED lights and allow visiting hours to be extended until 10 pm, according to India media reports.

Work on the lighting up project will begin later this month and will take around six months, it is said. 

At the same time, it is claimed that the long-delayed Phase 3 is to be completed including a new public exit.  Currently, departing visitors are obliged to retrace their steps through Phase 2. 

Volunteer (Tracey) at work
Pub Date: 
Tue, 2015-03-10

The Nek Chand Foundation is unfortunately obliged to suspend the organization of volunteer groups at the Rock Garden, Chandigarh due to continuing problems with accommodation on site. 

'It's a real pity because volunteers have done such good work over the years, and volunteer groups are the Foundation's main source of income,' said NCF Trustee and founder member John Maizels.

Nek Chand 90th Birthday
Pub Date: 
Fri, 2014-12-19

Nek Chand's ninetieth birthday was widely and joyfully celebrated by the people and city of Chandigarh this week.  On Monday 15th December crowds gathered at the Rock Garden for organized festivities at which Nek Chand was greeted by well-wishers and cut an enormous specially-made cake.

Pub Date: 
Sat, 2014-05-31

Times of India Reports on NCF Volunteers

Nek Chand Foundation volunteers working at the Rock Garden were interviewed for an article published in theTimes of India: Chandigarh last month.

Nek Chand in Golf Cart
Pub Date: 
Mon, 2014-04-21

Nek Chand Gets Golf Cart

Nek Chand received the gift of a golf cart from the Nek Chand Foundation last month.  ‘I am happy and surprised,’ he said.

The gift of the electric 4-seater was made possible by the donations over several years from volunteers and other international supporters of the Nek Chand Foundation.