Costs and Contact

The Volunteer Program at Chandigarh has been suspended indefinitely. Please see HERE for more information.

Costs You need to pay travel costs to the Rock Garden, £350 (or that equivalent) to the Nek Chand Foundation, and have money for other expenses. Lunch, dinner and accommodation will be provided by the Rock Garden. The ‘other expenses’ will depend on how often and where you eat out, what kind of shopping you do, and type of accommodation in Dehli. For one month, Rs. 50,000 is enough, though some previous volunteers used less, and some significantly more.

One of the Volunteer houses


UK Registered Charity Founding Trustee:
John Maizels PO Box 44 Watford, WD25 8LN_UK
UK tel: +44 (0)1923 853175

India Volunteer / Facebook page Administrator:
Roohi Kalia Ralhan
tel: +91 9654450205

Volunteer Liaison / Trustee:
John Francis Cross
tel: +81 (0)42 444 0544

USA Representative:
Christine Style