Chandigarh Home Secretary Welcomes NCF Volunteers

Chandigarh Home Secretary Welcomes NCF Volunteers
August 15, 2015

The Chandigarh Administration welcomes Nek Chand Foundation international volunteer groups to stay and work at the Rock Garden, said Home Secretary, Mr Anurag Agarwal.

Mr Agarwal was speaking in his office at the Chandigarh Union Territory Secretariat to visiting NCF trustee, John Francis Cross, in a brief meeting, August 4th 2015.

The Administration would also like to include the NCF in discussions about the future of the Rock Garden, the Home Secretary said. 

Currently the key issue is the decision about who is to be the next Director of the Rock Garden following the death in June of Creator and Director, Nek Chand, said Mr Agarwal.  

While acknowledging the support from the NCF and other parties for the appointment of Nek Chand's son, Mr Anuj Saini, the Administration is carefully considering all options and wishes to make the best decision rather than the fastest, he added. 

Although Mr Agarwal has been in his Chandigarh post less than a year, he made five visits to see the Rock Garden and Nek Chand and was directly asked by him to complete the long-delayed Phase 3.  'I want to do that,' the Home Secretary said. 



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