Nek Chand in the News

Chandy Times: “This is Holy Ground”
March 3, 2001
City and Around: “Rock Garden Silver Jubilee Festivities Begin Today”
March 2, 2001
Chandigarh Tribune: “Foreigners pay tribute to the untaught genius”
March 2, 2001
Chandigarh Newsline: “Garden of rocks throbs with life”
March 2, 2001
HT Live: “Colourful, Musical Start to Rock Garden fest”
March 2, 2001
Chandigarh Live: “Creator of rock garden prepares to celebrate”
March 1, 2001
Folk Art Messenger: “Nek Chand’s Story” by Tony Rajer
December 11, 2000
Reuters: “12 Acres of Garbage Bits Are an Artistic Attraction in India”
January 3, 1992
Indian Postage Stamp Issued
September 23, 1983
New York Times – “Correspondent’s Choice”
April 3, 1983
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