Volunteer Groups on Hold

Volunteer Groups on Hold
March 10, 2015

The Nek Chand Foundation is unfortunately obliged to suspend the organization of volunteer groups at the Rock Garden, Chandigarh due to continuing problems with accommodation on site. 

'It's a real pity because volunteers have done such good work over the years, and volunteer groups are the Foundation's main source of income,' said NCF Trustee and founder member John Maizels.

International volunteer groups have been visiting and working at the Rock Garden for around fifteen years, completing a wide variety of tasks including large-scale mosaic work, as well as forming important connections with Rock Garden staff and visitors.

Rooms previously used by volunteers in the so-called Waterfall House are unsuitable due to repeated flooding, and rooms above the Soundproof Hall are frequently occupied by staff involved in preparing wedding parties.  Such parties provide a significant fraction of Garden-generated revenue for the city of Chandigarh. 

Even when available, these basic rooms near Entrance No.2 are sufficient for no more than three volunteers, such as the last successful group in March-April 2014. 

In these circumstances, the long-delayed completion of guest rooms near the Rock Garden's High Court entrance is a particular disappointment.

'I don't know when they will be ready,' said Nek Chand, while visiting the premises in March 2014.  'Volunteers could stay here.'

The Nek Chand Foundation will continue to monitor the situation, while hoping for a speedy improvement, and welcoming any support or news on this important issue.


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