The Indian Express Reports on Rock Garden’s Unfinished Phase 3

NCF Volunteers Nov 2013 at Rock Garden
The Indian Express Reports on Rock Garden’s Unfinished Phase 3
November 22, 2013

The Indian Express Reports on Rock Garden's Unfinished Phase 3

Mumbai-based English-language daily The Indian Express has reported that the Nek Chand Foundation is willing to work with the Chandigarh Administration and the Rock Garden Society to help re-start work on the Rock Garden's unfinished phase three.

Nek Chand has long had plans for a three-phase Rock Garden but funds and staff for work on the large, ambitious and extraordinary Phase Three have been held back for several years.  The Rock Garden is owned by the city of Chandigarh and it generates a constant income from entrance ticket sales and the hiring of space for weddings and other large functions.  The Nek Chand Foundation laments the sad lack of progress on Phase Three.

The November 19th Express article name-checked long-term NCF member Christine Styles, who was at the Rock Garden earlier this month meeting with local and overseas volunteers, and helping to improve volunteer accommodation.

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