Nek Chand Gets Golf Cart

Nek Chand Gets Golf Cart
April 20, 2014

Nek Chand Gets Golf Cart

Nek Chand received the gift of a golf cart from the Nek Chand Foundation last month.  ‘I am happy and surprised,’ he said.

The gift of the electric 4-seater was made possible by the donations over several years from volunteers and other international supporters of the Nek Chand Foundation.

Nek Chand, 89, will use the cart for trips around the perimeter of the Rock Garden, between his house and office, for daytime inspections of Phase 3, evening appearances at weddings and other functions held in the Garden, and occasional visits to his original home – now being repaired – in Chandigarh.   ‘It will be very useful for my work,’ he said.

The cart will be driven by his official drivers, or by his son or daughter, Nek Chand said.

On receipt of the cart at the Rock Garden on March 14th, an obviously delighted Nek Chand immediately asked to be driven to the house of his close friend Mr MN Sharma, former chief architect of Chandigarh, Le Corbusier collaborator, and one of the earliest Nek Chand and Rock Garden supporters.  The two old friends smiled broadly during a short cart ride.

Purchase of the rechargeable ADC motor vehicle was based on enquiries last year by Alan Cesarano, John Maizels, Christine Style and others, and facilitated by John Cross in March.

The GDrive Express 2+2 was supplied by the courteous, helpful and patient JK (India) FABS, Sector 5 Panchkula.   Managing Partner Mr Kunal Saroha (pictured) said, ‘It is an honour for us to have Mr Nek Chand as a customer’.

The colour choice of white was made by Nek Chand himself during a visit to the supplier’s office.  The original green logo ‘Nek Chand Foundation’ was changed at his request to ‘Donated to Nek Chand by/ Nek Chand Foundation’.

The cart has forward and reverse gears, brake and park brake, a beige roof canopy, horn, lights, and the rear two seats can be turned into a carrying platform.

Nek Chand said he has ‘no plans’ to take up golfing. 

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