Volunteers Create Mosaic Columns

Volunteers Create Mosaic Columns
April 8, 2014

Volunteers Create Mosaic Columns in Phase 3 of Rock Garden

A group of seven Nek Chand Foundation volunteers have completed beautiful mosaic art on a series of previously bare concrete columns in Phase 3 of the Rock Garden, Chandigarh.  From mid-February to mid-March, the hard-working volunteers from Australia, UK and USA covered a total of eight large columns with a variety of unique, eye-catching and well-planned designs using broken tiles following Nek Chand's typical mosaic methods.  

Guided by their individual inspirations as well as Rock Garden staff, Adam, Cheryl, Edna, Jody, Phil, Steve and Sue worked as a team in concentrated stints at the Rock Garden and overcame serious difficulties arising from being the first NCF volunteer group in fifteen years that was not able to actually stay in the Rock Garden.  That they completed so much and so well from their base in Panchkula is a testament to their perseverance and ingenuity.  Thanks and well done to all of them.

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